Large cat sighting reported in Winslow Twp.

Authorities in Winslow Township are investigating reports of possible large cat sightings near Hammonton.

Witnesses tell police they believe the cats were mountain lions.

Police have obtained a grainy photograph from a hunter's trail camera and handed it over to New Jersey Fish and Wildlife officials. Officials say it is not possible to determine with certainty, the species of animal, but added that they cannot rule out the presence of a large cat or cats.

The animals are not believed to be a threat to people, but authorities are asking that people take reasonable precaution and judgement with their children and pets.

Mountain lions were indigenous at one time in the area but have not existed naturally there for many years. These recently sighted cats have not made any contact with humans, and appear to be avoiding human contact.

Anyone who spots what they think may be the cats is asked to call Winslow Township's Animal Control at 609-567-0700 ext 1500 to report sightings.