Lawsuit Filed 1-Year after Lululemon Collapse in Center City

Wednesday marks one year since a Center City building collapse.

The roof of the Lululemon store on Walnut Street fell in after bricks from a building next door hit it.

The collapse hurt three women who were inside.

A year later now, one of them is suing, and says she's still suffering.

Allison Freidman joined her attorneys yesterday, where she said she's been in pain every day since the accident.

Wednesday, she has to have spinal fusion surgery.

She'll spend the next few days in the hospital, including on her birthday which is on Friday.

"It's really sad. My birthday last year was spent in pain and this year it will be in the hospital in pain," Friedman said.

Freidman's attorney says they're suing Walnut Street Associates, which is the property manager of the building next to the Lululemon.