Legally blind Delaware boy excels as multi-sport athlete

A Delaware boy who is legally blind is not letting his limitations hold him back from accomplishing anything he sets his mind to from sports to academics.

Isaiah Bingham, a New Castle County boy, was born with bi-lateral optic nerve coloboma. His mother, Dionne, explained that Isaiah's eye tissue did not develop properly and limited distance and his field of vision. 

Isaiah’s parents decided early on to help him learn to use his strengths and not focus on his limitations. He plays baseball, basketball, football and is an A-plus student. 

Isaiah Bingham was born with bi-lateral optic nerve coloboma, according to his mother.

"A doctor said I would only be able to swim and I did a whole lot. I did more than what he said I could do," Isaiah said. His favorite accomplishment as an athlete was when he got a late-game steal to secure a championship for his team. 

"That's my best friend, that's my guy." Isaiah's father Bernard said. "If there was a word other than extraordinary to describe him I would use it," Isaiah’s coaches feel the same, which has earned him the nickname "Vision."

"They said he could see things that other kids really not seeing as far as football. He was leading his team in tackles, sacks and force fumbles," Bernard said. 

If excelling at sports and academics at a young age wasn't enough, Isaiah has started his own clothing line aptly called "Vision is better than sight."

"If somebody tells you that you can't do anything just prove them wrong because I did that myself," Isaiah said.


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