'Letters for Jared' Allows Strangers to Bring Joy to an Autistic Mans life

26-year-old Jared Politte from Festus, Missouri, has the mental capacity of a five-year-old due to autism.

Jared's father passed away in 2014 and to help him cope with his grief, his family has created a Facebook page called "Letters for Jared."

The responses to the Facebook page have been amazing. Strangers from all over have sent cards to Politte to "bring him a ray of sunshine," according to the page.

The influx of letters seems to be helping raise Jared's spirits--with stickers and Disney-related presents proving to be the biggest hits.

A recent post on Imgur by someone identifying themselves as Jared's cousin intends to make "Cards for Jared" a much bigger movement. Since the post was shared on the site ten hours ago it has been viewed over 100,000 times.

Jared got his first card in the mail today!! His smile says it all! Thanks "Debbie"! Thank you to everyone who has been...

Somebody got some new Mickey Mouse hands from his brother! Now that he's got them on we may not get them off. He had me...

Yes! Jared got mail today!! 8 pieces! He was so excited he was dancing in his seat on the way home from the post office!...

Jared is learning to use the key to open his mailbox! No cards today but we'll check again tomorrow! Thanks everyone! Don't forget to like and share his page, so others can like and share as well.