Levittown man faces adversity after car plows into home

A Levittown man who had just finished renovating a historic farmhouse is forced to start at square one after a car plowed into his home early Saturday morning.

Authorities say a car veered off Bristol Emilie Road just around 3 a.m. and into the home of Dale Franz. Police are still investigating what caused the collision.

Franz, 69, was understandably shaken up Saturday while cleaning up the wake of wreckage left by the violent crash that left a gaping hole in his house. Franz says he was sitting in his living room shortly before the collision. 

"I don't think about that, I think about all the time I was on my knees doing these floors," Franz said. "And then people take it from you, it's not right, I work hard."

Police have not released information on the condition of the driver, but the car was seen flipped on its roof approximately 30 yards away from the crash site. 

For Franz, who still works a day job, the hardest part of the crash is thinking about the eight years worth of work he poured into the now-destroyed home.

"If I didn't work so hard, it probably wouldn't have been a big deal, if I just bought the house, but I've been working for 8 years on it," Franz said.


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