Levittown Puppy Recovers After Swallowing Dog Toys

Levittown, Pa. (WTXF) A six-month-old puppy from Levittown was having trouble keeping food down and no one knew why- until a veterinarian took X-rays and determined it was a pair of dog toys he had swallowed.

Jasper, a 72-pound cane corso breed dog, was taken to the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center by his owner, Michael Ehrlich.

"I was worried sick. As soon as I saw the X-rays I was devastated. I lost it in the waiting room," Michael Ehrlich told FOX 29.

According to information released by the Center, Dr. Megan Mackalonis, found a pair of large objects the size of tennis balls in Jasper's stomach. The toys had belonged to the dog of Ehrlich's girlfriend.

"I've seen dogs eat a lot of strange things. This is probably one of the biggest things I've seen a dog swallow. And to swallow one and decide he wanted to eat the other one as well," said Dr. Scott Journey.

The staff performed surgery, involving an incision into Jasper's abdomen and stomach, and removed the toys.

"He was going to pass away within a week. He would have died of a starvation because the balls were lodged in his stomach," Michael explained.

The surgery was successful and Jasper ate three meals the next day.

"Dogs eat crazy things," said Dr. Scott Joudrey, "I'm just glad we could help."