Little Boy Returns His Christmas Gifts To Help Pay For A Family Friend's Funeral

(INSIDE EDITION)- An 11-year-old boy is returning his Christmas gifts this year, to help pay for the funeral of one of his grandmother's best friends.

"Because I wanted to help my grandma out and she's one of my friends," Joseph told WKRC.

That friend is Katrina Luck. The 48-year-old suffered a massive heart attack on Thanksgiving and has been on life support ever since. She did not have any life insurance so her family set up a GoFund Me account to help cover the cost of the funeral.

"It was touching to me," Katrina's daughter, Kynisha Lewis said, "It was something nice to do. Because he's 11. He's a he's a child. You'll never know if some kids would have done that."

Joseph's grandmother Kim Taylor is proud of her grandson and his actions have inspired her to return her gifts as well.

"I'm just proud of him," Taylor said, "But he also wanted to let kids know that Christmas is not all about receiving. Christmas is also about giving."

Joseph and his grandmother returned his clothes to the store and received $95. The money will go towards the cost of Katrina's funeral.

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