Little Boy Saves City from 'The Crump' Who Stole Christmas

A little boy named CJ has saved Christmas in Cleveland!

The six-year-old, who was born with a rare heart condition, was granted his wish to be police chief for a day by A Special Wish Foundation, the Cleveland Police Department and the Cleveland Office of the FBI.

CJ followed clues throughout the day, leading to visits with Santa, the mayor and several Cleveland Indians players.

Eventually, he caught up with "The Crump" who stole Christmas, taking him into custody and saving the day!

Way to go, CJ!

CAUGHT! Cuffed! Christmas is safe! Now escorting #TheCrump out of @rock_hall #CJsavesCLE

CAUGHT! #TheCrump has been caught @rock_hall #CJsavesCLE

Breaking @fox8news news: #TheCrump has been turned over to @FBICleveland - Christmas is safe! #CJsavesCLE

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