Local dentist hosts free treatment days to give back

Dr. Arpan Patel runs a successful dental practice. That's good, it's to be respected.

But the reason we wanted to meet him is because of how he represents our social media quote of the day.

"We make a living by what we get but we make a life but what we give."

"We just provide free emergency days without expecting anything from patients in return. Just helping those in need who can't afford it, can't come here on time, patients who are just afraid of the dentist," Dr. Patel explained

Several times each year they provide free emergency dental care, basically anything causing you pain, to as many as a couple hundred people during a free treatment day.

"It all started with a vision, my father was very spiritual, he was a dentist for 38 years and he finally said enough about taking, it's all about giving now," Dr. Patel added.

Dr. Patel is carrying on a tradition. His father started the free treatment days and when he passed away it was a way for Dr. Patel to honor his father's memory while serving a community he appreciates.

"He means everything to me, it was a grave loss to me about four years ago but I'm grateful he was in my life for whatever time he was in there for," Dr. Patel said.

Doing good tends to be contagious and all of Dr. Patel's associates graciously also donate their time and skills.

"By doing something like this I feel like it's our way to give back to the community," he said.

The patients were outspoken in their support.

According to the team, many who knew Dr. Patel as a child it was clear how proud they were first of their relationship with the father but also that the son continues the legacy.

There's another free treatment day coming up in December because the team told me the holidays are when people most lack funds and need treatment so it seemed like the perfect time to once again serve the community.