Local jewelry maker creates Spotted Lanternfly earrings out of actual Lanternfly wings

While most residents in Philadelphia and surrounding counties are busy quickly disposing of Spotted Lanternflies, a local jewelry maker is letting them hang out for a bit.

Candice Jeffries, who works as a teacher in Lower Marion, is transforming the wings of the invasive insects into handmade earrings.

Jeffries was inspired to create the earrings after noticing how many people wear butterfly jewelry.

"The first time I saw a Lanternfly I thought its wings were so pretty," Jeffries said.

Jeffries harvests the wings from Spotted Lanternfly carcasses found in spots around the city. She carefully clips the wings, laminates them, and attaches the earring clasp. 

The earrings are currently sold out, but Jeffries plans on making more soon and will be selling them again for $28.