Local man says Philadelphia Eagles were there for him in the tough times

One look at Edward and Bunny Kovalcik's house and it's clear they're diehard fans but talk to them and Edward told FOX 29's Bill Anderson that their loyalty is about more than wins and losses.

"It just seems like every time something goes really deep and down for us--something happens with football and it lifts us up."

True Eagles fans frankly are tired of hearing all the national criticism of our passion. Edward believes it's about caring.

"I think a lot of what it is if you believe in something and you care enough about where you're from--you don't give up on it no matter what."

Edward had several examples of when he believes his team was there for him, including an unimaginable tragedy to his daughter.

"She actually lost her life in a car accident one night on her way home from her second job. My wife and I went as you can imagine through a horrible patch."

On a friend's suggestion Edward's wife, Bunny, wrote a letter to the Eagles about how important the team was to them in raising their spirits.

"Next thing, we know we get a phone call, 'Hey, how would you guys like to come to the Linc to sit down and watch the Giants game. And by the way, we want you to bring 30 of your friends with you."

A show of support he says they desperately needed.

"It was such a great time and such an uplifting thing that for no reason at all came from the Eagles."

Every weekend dozens gather at the Kovalcik's to support the Eagles and each other through life's challenges like Edward's latest battle with multiple surgeries.

It's clearly not by design but the Eagles have become the glue that binds and even encourages so many of us dealing with so many things.