Local organization helps people get medical supplies and equipment

The healthcare debate has been going on for years with too many people left without the ability to pay for basic healthcare needs. But while the national debate focuses on politics, locally Bill Anderson spoke to a group that's counting on the kindness of strangers to get people the equipment and supplies that they need. For Goodness Sake

Whether you support Obamacare or Trumpcare providing healthcare to people in this country is a huge issue. But too often while we're arguing about policy we forget about the people.

"She said, 'I'm graduating from Temple medical school tomorrow and the only way my grandmother can attend is if I can please borrow a wheelchair for a day.'"

We unfortunately hear way too many horror stories of people doing without equipment or supplies that would make life better. But now, a local organization is trying to help.

"St. Mary Cares was started through the community league at St Mary's hospital and it was created to assist people who have medical needs but the means to fulfill them."

Connie Rinker is the lead volunteer at the Langhorne storefront. She walked FOX 29's Bill Anderson around showing him all of the equipment from walkers to motorized wheelchairs and when she explained the costs the need for a place like this was clear.

Anyone who has a need can simply come in, and if they have the equipment you can just sign most of it out, no charge. Although the concept is impressive, seeing how its changing lives is what was really touching.

First Anderson met 92-year-old Dora. She told him stories of knowing the suffering of being held in a World War II concentration camp and feeling ashamed that it was her medical issues that often led to tears

However, being able to come and get what she needs in such a friendly environment as St. Mary cares has turned that around.

"I went in the camp for three years. You know about suffering so you're ashamed when you cry about I need this. I need that," she said.

But being able to come and get what she needs in such a friendly environment as St. Mary Cares has turned that around.

Others he met told similar stories and all spoke of how having access to the free equipment and supplies at St Mary Cares is changing lives. In order to keep doing what they do, St. Mary's reminds us that they function based on donations so if you can help them please do and they'll keep helping others because it's the right thing to do.