Local parks using high pitched ring to discourage teens from loitering at night

Over 30 Philadelphia parks are ensuring their playground equipment won't turn into a teenage hangout once the sun goes down this summer.

Champions playground in Fox Chase is one of the parks equipped with tiny speakers that emit an ear piercing ring once curfew starts. The sonic technology called 'The Mosquito' is used for repelling insects, but is just as affective on young ears. Adults, for the most part, are immune to the squeal.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell asked some parkgoers what they heard when the sound rang.

"It sounds like a dog whistle," said one girl.

"It's annoying," said a young boy.

"I don't hear anything," a man said.

The sonic system will be a part of a $300,000 park overhaul. Parents are hoping it will help keep the new playground equipment looking pristine for years to come.

"If it's deterring them from coming here and vandalizing because some of the teenagers come here and smoke or do drugs, if it's keeping the playground safe and it's not hurting anyone than I'm not against it," Domingo Hicks said.