Local plumber returns bag to woman after finding it in wall 20 years later

A plumber doing work in Center City made an amazing discovery. He found a bag with items inside that were stolen 20 years ago.

Kimberly French is excited to have her belongings back, which were stolen more than 20 years while she was a medical student. Thankfully, her duffle bag with her old school books, car keys, a fall jacket and makeup were returned to her by a local plumber who found it stuffed in a wall in the Curtis Center in Center City while working on a job there.

"How many people do this in this day in age, right?" Dr. Kimberly French said.

64-year old old Lou Diorio of Northeast Philadelphia does. He says it was just the right thing to do.

Lou says someone had to have gone up through a ceiling and pushed it behind the wall. He had no idea at first what was inside. When he realized it was a slice of someone's life, Lou knew he had to find the person.

He tried Facebook first with no luck, but noticed on Kim's profile she worked as a cardiologist at Jefferson Hospital and that's how he tracked her down.

"As soon as I talked to him. I thought this guy is a really nice guy. You can just tell," she said.

On Monday, Lou dropped the bag off.