Local reaction to Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court pours in

Brett Kavanaugh has been appointed to the highest court in the land. The Senate has confirmed his position as a Justice to the United States Supreme Court.

"Well, I'm glad he got confirmed cause I think he's a really good judge," said Gordon Smith.

Smith was enjoying a Saturday night in Center City while also embracing Saturday's Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, following an intensely partisan battle and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's sexual misconduct accusations against him.

"Too big of a timeline between the alleged event and the time he was accused of it for me to take it for real. A lot of people feel tht way," said Smith.

"Disappointed," said Magge McCann.

McCann says Kavanaugh was the wrong choice for the high court, especially after his latest background check.

"I don't think they did the FBI check properly. I just don't think it was right and given his temperament, I think it's going to be a long, hard haul," McCann explained.

"I absolutely worry about the legitimacy of the court when you have a justice seated with so many unanswered questions and following such a partisan assault on Democrats in the last stage of his confirmation hearing," explained Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons.

Senator Coons spoke with reporters hours after casting one of the 48 votes opposing President Trump's Supreme Court pick.

"I worry about what it means for the Senate and for its advice and consent role when a Justice is confirmed by such a narrow margin of just 50 votes," the Senator said.

Fox 29 contacted Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey's office after Toomey voted for Kasvanaugh. In a statement, Tommey said:

"Judge Kavanaugh's long career of public service displays a remarkable fidelity to the Constitution and understanding of the proper role of a judge. He is an impartial jurist who treats everyone fairly and decides cases neutrally on the basis of the law and not a preferred policy or outcome. Further, Judge Kavanaugh understands that changes to the law must be made by the American people, acting through the democratic process, and not by unelected judges. His record gives me great confidence that he will discharge his duties on the Supreme Court intelligently and faithfully."