Local school district gets additional surveillance cameras for school buses

One Pennsylvania school district is hoping to stop drivers from slipping right past the buses when the stop signs are out. The school board is purchasing new technology to get those dangerous drivers on tape.

"It is something that happens unfortunately more often than not," Parkland School District Assistant Director of School Services Anthony Naradko said.

Cars blowing by school buses with their flashers on and stop signs out putting students in danger as they get on and off their buses.

"I think many times people are trying to beat the bus, essentially like you'd beat a red light and they are not stopping for the school buses," Naradko said.

One close call came in Allentown last year. It was recorded by a camera inside a girl's bus. The student just inches from being hit. Now, the Parkland School District is going one step farther adding an additional three dozen cameras kits on the outside on the stop arms bringing the total to 50 buses with the new recording systems. The images captured are sharp.

"I have children on these buses myself. My children go to Parkland and you wanna give people the peace of mind that their children are gonna be safe," Naradko said.

Naradko also says the cameras are being installed on buses that travel in high traffic areas. He says four lane highways and intersections present the biggest problems with the stop arm cameras. Drivers simply radio in the incidents. The school district then pulls the surveillance video and forwards it to police for prosecution.

"There's no secret when the buses stops at 8 a.m. or 4 p.m. children are either getting on or off. Please stop, it's very simple," Naradko said.