Local woman beaten, left to die in South Philadelphia

A woman was beaten and left for dead at South Philadelphia High School and for days no one knew who she was. She died days after the attack. Her family is desperate to find the killer.

Dominique Demichales is desperate for answers about her aunt's murder. That's why she is taking to the streets at Broad and Synder for a second day handing out flyers in hopes someone knows something.

"I feel like because she was homeless and because of the way she was found. It's just kind of being pushed aside like no one cares, but she has extensive family that loves her," she told FOX 29.

33-year-old Lauren Aukett was beaten beyond recognition outside South Philadelphia. School police found her at 6:30 in the morning on April 5th unconscious and bleeding from the head.

"Apparently she was sleeping when she was attacked, that's how they go her so bad," her cousin Lindsey Felfoff explained.

Lauren was in the hospital on life support for a week before anyone even knew who she was and her family was finally called. Sadly, she died three days later.

"We just want justice for our cousin," Lindsey said.