Los Angeles Schools Closed Due to Threat

All schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District are closed due to a "credible threat," our sister station KTTV is reporting.

All LAUSD buses have been recalled to the bus depot.

LA Schools Superintendent Ramon Cortines stated that they have received an electronic threat, as a result the LAPD and the FBI were notified. Out of "an abundance of caution" the schools will be closed until an investigation has concluded.

Officials noted that the "threat that was received, was specific to the LAUSD." The threat was made to a school board member, police said. Parents and guardians have been advised to bring proper photo identification when arriving to pick up their children.

The LAUSD, with nearly 700,000 students, is the nation's second-largest. There were no threats made to non-LAUSD schools in the Los Angeles area, city officials said in a press briefing.

Meanwhile, New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton- who formerly led Los Angeles' police department- said that the threat had been made to police departments across the country, New York included, and called it a "hoax." Philadelphia Police told Fox 29 that Philadelphia did not receive a threat.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned here for more.