Lost dog returns after six years

A heartwarming story in time for the holidays.

One Nevada family's years-long such for their beloved dog ends after the family is reunited.

David and Alison Marks of Las Vegas thought they would never see their dog Willie again after the 11-year-old Sheltie ran off while the family was vacationing in Pioche back in 2009.

The family set out on a desperate search for their beloved pup, but the search seemed hopeless.

Until they received a phone call that Willie had been found and was in a shelter in the town of Elko.

David Marks said, "He's got a story to tell, but all I can say is he's glad to be home."

Alison Marks said, "We were expecting him to somehow come out of the woods and run towards us like we never left him, even though I knew it was impossible."

When asked about the woman who found Willie, David said, "She was a little brokenhearted that she had lost Willie but we reassured her that he had found a good home and this is where he needed to be."

"It's a good Christmas present, probably the best Christmas present we could get."

And it seems that Willie went on quite the journey as well.

He, somehow, traveled nearly 300 miles until he was picked up by another family before running off again!

For the Marks family, Willie's return is the best Christmas present they could have asked for.