Lower Bucks Athletic Association asking for help after vandals hit fields where kids play

The Lower Bucks Athletic Association says their complex in Croydon has been repeatedly hit by vandals.  Now, they’re now trying to raise money for a surveillance system.

"It's sad," said Anthony Nuzzi. He’s disappointed in the vandalism that happened at the Lower Bucks Outlaws complex in Croydon.  FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson talked to him this Thursday as his 11-year-old son Christopher suited up for practice with the Lower Bucks Outlaws. 

"You take pride in your neighborhood, your township and the kids come to a nice clean field. We've been to other areas where the fields are torn up, trashed,   nobody cares about them and neighborhoods don't care about them. I’d hate to see that here," he said. What happened here is vandals tore through the athletic fields two to three weeks ago. 

"The front of the snack stand had graffiti all over it but we repainted it probably two weeks ago. That shed over there was repainted," said Mike Wolfe. He’s the president of the Lower Bucks County Outlaws. 

"They spray painted our storage shed, some of the football trailers, the snack stand, all over the grass, the street up there and tried breaking into the trailer. They took all the picnic tables and flipped them upside down," said Wolfe. Pictures show the damage before cleanup. We blurred some of the hate symbols like painted swastikas. 

"Not necessarily stuff we want the kids to see," said Wolfe.  

Tony Giddens brought his grandson Talon to practice Thursday night.

"I almost want to say it ain't fair but what can you do?" he said.  

The Lower Bucks County Athletic Association has set up a GoFundMe to raise money for a security system for the Outlaws fields. 

"A lot of our board members here are very local so we can get something that will alert us and capture it on video so somebody that's within five minutes can run down here and hopefully stop it," said Wolfe. He says staff and parents maintain the property not the township. He says they need all the help they can get. 

Officials also say the vandalism has happened about four times over the last three months and that they’ve filed police reports but no leads. 

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