Lower Merion High School helps inner city school

Students in Kensington and many Philadelphia schools unfortunately often lack the resources they need to succeed.

Luckily, FOX 29's Bill Anderson found some high school students in the suburbs stepping up to offer support and friendship to the inner city kids.

They're helping get them the supplies they need, For Goodness Sake

"Webster is a school in the middle of Kensington," Lower Merion High School Student President Jessie Epstein explained. "Some classes don't have a enough paper, they don't have text books at all, they need more books they need more crayons, they need scissors, they need anything they can get."

"In a lot of ways, Lower Merion is very different from Kensington but students and administrators are coming together to see if one could help the other.

"Everyone should at least have the basic materials, regardless of where you were born," Epstein believes. "That shouldn't determine if you're going to get a good education."

Lower Merion High School makes it clear they're committed to community service so this year, they decided to partner with Webster Elementary School in Kensington and shoot a music video to raise awareness and money.

The day started with kids as young as five practicing with their new high school friends, and that quickly evolved into an entire school participating in the video shoot.

The smiles and change of scenery were good for the elementary school kids, but equally important were high school students who recognize how lucky they are to have what they have -- and the responsibility to offer a hand up when they can.

"We have so much stuff and we have so much excess stuff that we don't need," Epstein showed. "And if we can take that stuff and give it to kids who don't have paper, we should do that."

The music video will be edited and posted to social media, along with a link to a fundraising page. People have already begun to drop off supplies for Webster and hopefully donations will increase as the video spreads.

Even before the video was finished being shot, principals from both schools were glowing over the partnership that had been established, driven largely by students who just seem to get it.

"Make a difference. Do something that really matters," Lower Merion High School principal Sean Hughes suggests. "Instead of just talking about and saying 'I feel bad or I'd like to.' Actually put it into place."

So Lower Merion High School, Webster Elementary School -- the suburbs and the city -- all coming together to try to make a difference in some young people's lives.

For Goodness Sake, I'm Bill Anderson.