Made in America day two brings out big names

Chance the Rapper, getting this crowd moving on day two of the Made in America Festival.

"If you're not here, then you're missing out on so much. You need to get here right now," Ashanti Lissette said.

A weekend of music.

More than 60 artists on five stages.

Julie Hazzard and Susan Finitzio took their teenage daughters to the show. Coming here was more for them.

Hazzard said, "I used to go to concerts and festivals and know every band on the list. However, this time I knew maybe three.

But just wait. Later in the night, something big happened.

"Who's having more fun, you or your daughters?"

"I think we are!"

We'll tell you who they met in a moment.

And there were plenty of famous faces in the crowd. Look quick! There's BEYONCÉ -- it's her birthday today, and Jay-Z, who started this event in 2012.

It's the energy that drew up to 50,000 music fans here.

Sean Devlin

Sean Devlin said, "I just like the availability of just jumping from one stage to go see somebody who's a big name person like that, and then jumping from another stage to see somebody like Coldplay or Rihanna or another big name artist."

"The crowd is fun, the people at fun, the music is great, I love it, it's amazing."

Earlier in the day, there was of course, plenty to drink, and enough to eat, to make you want you want to relax.

Which is what these women were doing, until suddenly, a famous face walked by.

"We got to have our picture taken with Bill Clinton, which was very exciting for us, and most of the people around us were so young, I don't even think they knew who he was. It was very exciting, very surreal," Hazzard said.