Male model reveals that he gave up sex for six years to maintain full head of hair

A male model says that he gave up sex for six years in order to have a full head of hair after the medication he was taking to prevent baldness led to sexual dysfunction.

Giorgos Tsetis, 30, is from Amsterdam, but lives in New York.

According to Daily Mail, when he was 21 he was working with big names like Vogue Italia, and brands such as Armani and Versace when he discovered that his hair was falling out in clumps.

"It's common in men's modeling and a very big concern," Tsetis told Mashable.

"There's isn't even a handful of models whose hair is receding, so to have a full set of hair is a prerequisite in landing any job," he also said.

Tsetis began taking Propecia, an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of male pattern hair loss, after his receding hairline had to be filled in by a make-up artist during a photoshoot.

Side effects of the drug include impotence, loss of sex drive, and trouble having an orgasm.

Though Tsetis began to suffer from low libido as a result of taking the medication, he continued to use it for six years to keep his status as a popular model.

His choice to continue taking the drug nearly derailed his relationship, but his girlfriend eventually chose to stick by him.

However, once Tsetis learned that more than 500 men in Canada filed class-action lawsuits under the claim that finasteride, one of the key ingredients in Propecia, left them impotent even after they stopped taking it, he threw in the towel permanently.

Daily Mail reports that despite the pros, the con of possibly losing out on love forever wasn't worth it.

"It came to a point where not getting laid trumped getting laid off," Tsetis said.

But three years later, his hair is as thick and lush as ever. He credits the miracle to Nutrafol, a vitamin supplement he created with his business partner, Roland Peralta.

The supplement is holistic, and sells for $88 for a month's supply. It claims to rebalance damaging hormone and repair damaged follicles for healthier hair.

As for his libido, Tsetis says that it is back and things have "never been better."