Man accused of assaulting 6 girls guilty of all counts

There is a verdict in the case of Lee Kaplan, the man accused of having sexually assaulted six girls in the same family: guilty.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole reports from the Bucks County Courthouse the jury convicted Kaplan of all 17 counts against him.

Kaplan faced numerous charges of rape and sexual assault.

Cole reports Kaplan simply shook his head as he heard the verdicts. The judge polled jury members one by one. There was no reaction in court, as a sheriff's deputy had asked earlier. Then court went into recess.

Last June, police found 12 girls -- ages six months to 18 years -- living with Lee Kaplan in Feasterville.

Authorities allege the 52-year-old fathered two children with one of the girls, who was 14 when she was "gifted" to him by her parents, because Kaplan helped the couple out financially. Those two children are now four and one.

Defense lawyer Ryan Hyde says Kaplan maintains the mother of his children is his wife, and he didn't touch the others.

The parents of that girl -- now 18 -- are awaiting sentencing on child endangerment convictions. Their family was in court.

Kaplan had been jailed on $2 million bail.