Man accused of raping 3 children released on bail twice by same judge

(FOX NEWS) -- A New Mexico man accused of raping three children and sexually assaulting his own 13-year-old daughter was released on bail twice by the same judge before being arrested a third time on Monday after a statewide manhunt.

Raymond Hernandez, 29, was first taken into custody on January 15 after allegedly raping a teenage girl and beating her friend. Judge Ernest Ortega released him on a $10,000 bond.

Two days later, Hernandez, who was wearing an ankle monitor, was arrested again for allegedly molesting a 19-month toddler who lived in the same house as the teen he was accused of raping.

Cops brought Hernandez back to court but the same judge released him on $20,000 bail. A few days after posting it, Hernandez allegedly went on to rape a five-year-old girl living next door to his family and then fled. He was finally arrested Sunday night in Colorado.

"I'm speechless, he needs to pay and I hope the judge puts him behind bars and keeps him there," neighbor Gloria Lucero told KOB4 TV.

The district attorney aims to secure an indictment this week before Hernandez sees a judge again on Thursday.

Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe told local media that he suspects Hernandez has additional victims who are unknown to authorities.