Man Accused Of Trying to Run Over Teens After Fight

ROCKFORD, IL- A Father in Illinois is facing charges after he's accused of trying to run down a group of teens with his SUV.

Police in Rockford, Illinois says cell phone video allegedly shows the driver veering his vehicles toward a group of kids, narrowly missing them.

The car then speeds off, and tries to hit another group of kids.

The man has been identified as 56-year old Roy Williams.

Police say it all started after the man's daughter got into a fight outside of Nelson Elementary School, near Charles and 15th street.

Police say after the girl reportedly told him what happened, he threatened two girls with his cane the got into his SUV.

Williams now faces twelve counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle, aggravated assault of public property, and reckless conduct.

Video Courtesy: Nathan Velez