Man allegedly shoots husband of former co-worker, attempts to kidnap her after leaving candy at doorstep

Tulsa police arrested a man for allegedly trying to kidnap his former coworker after repeatedly leaving food outside her home and stalking her for several weeks.

The victim reported to investigators that Justin Arthur-Ray Davis had been frequently sitting outside her apartment and leaving candy on her doorstep for more than a month after he resigned from their workplace. 

Authorities said on April 2, the victim and her husband left their home at Yacht Club Apartments, according to FOX 23. As the couple approached their vehicle, they saw Davis sitting in his truck before he allegedly got out with a shotgun and ran after the couple.

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It was alleged the couple went back into their apartment before Davis shot through the door, hitting the victim’s husband in his hand. Police said Davis entered the apartment, grabbed the victim and dragged her down the stairs while assaulting her.

Neighbors called 911 and reported Davis was choking and punching the victim. 

Police said the husband returned and Davis threatened to kill him if the wife didn’t get into his truck. 

At that point, officers said they arrived on the scene and Davis got into his car and drove off, leading police on a chase on Interstate 44. They said they caught him after he lost control and wrecked his truck.

Davis was sent to a hospital and treated for his injuries. He’s currently at the Tulsa County Jail, facing several charges including first-degree burglary, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, pointing a deadly weapon and stalking. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.