Man Buys Homeless Man a Hot Meal, Uses Act of Kindness to Raise Awareness

(STORYFUL) Liamie Marum got into his car after work only to be approached by a homeless man in the car park. In a Facebook post, Marum, stated that he was sitting in his car when the man tapped on his window.

He explained to him that he was homeless and hungry, but Marum said that he had no change to offer him. The man apologized for asking, and walked away from the car.

Marum assumed that the guy was a junkie after his "next fix" so was reluctant to help out. That was until he saw the man walk towards McDonald's. Realizing that he'd been wrong, he followed him and offered to buy him anything on the menu.

Over a Big Mac, the homeless man, called Nathan, told Marum about his life. This was apparently an eye opener for Marum, who posted the Facebook status to raise awareness for homelessness and has gone viral in the process, with over 12,000 shares at the time of writing.