Man charged with attempted rape of postal worker in East Oak Lane

Philadelphia police have arrested and charged a man after they say he attempted to sexually assault a postal worker on Thursday.

The incident occurred on the 6900 block of Old York Road in East Oak Lane around 4:20 p.m.

Officers arrested Ariel Hernandez, 38, following the incident.

According to the U.S. Postal Inspector, Reginald Wade, the woman was attacked while in her mail truck. She was able to fight Hernandez off.

A neighbor in the area says the same woman usually delivers the mail every day, but a different carrier was on the block Thursday.

"A couple days ago she was like hey, how's it going, good to see you, happy new year, and I was like good to see you too," says Kevin Peterson. "She's an awesome person, she's very nice, very kind. I'm really shocked"

Hernandez has been charged with attempt to commit rape, indecent assault and related offenses.