Man charged with robbing iPhone 7 customer on Craigslist

A man wanted an Apple iPhone 7, found one advertised on Craigslist, and responded to the post.

On Jan. 18 at 7pm, he met an unknown man at 10th Street and Snyder Avenue in South Philadelphia.

The two met and conducted their transaction. All was well until police say, "When the victim realized the phone was a counterfeit, he confronted the suspect at which time the suspect he kicked the victim and pulled a handgun, pointing it the victim and threatened him. The suspect then fled the area and was last seen west on Mercy Street."

Now, almost four months later, investigators say the identified Nazir Kuzbari as the robber and they arrested him on May 1.

Kuzbari, 19 from Sewell, NJ, is charged with robbery and related offenses.