Man charged with robbing pharmacy near off-duty officer

A man is under arrest for robbing a pharmacy and apparently didn't know who was outside when he was trying to make his getaway.

Delaware State Police say it happened at about 5:20pm Monday at the Rite Aid on Naamans Road in Claymont.

They say David H. Francis, Jr., "approached the sales counter with his face covered with a sweatshirt and confronted a female employee while implying that he was armed with a gun. He then demanded money from the cash register."

The clerk gave him an undisclosed amount of money and he left the store with his face still covered.

That's where an off-duty Philadelphia police officer happened to be, and got suspicious. Then, when he learned the pharmacy had just been robbed, he held Francis in the parking lot until troopers arrived.

Nobody was injured.

Francis is charged with two counts of robbery and wearing a disguise during the commission of a felony.