Man falls 17 stories onto a parking structure -- and survives

CHILE (WTXF)- The story of Sebastián Reyes is baffling for many reasons.

First, he fell off of his 17-story balcony while celebrating a soccer victory.

Next, he survived with minor injuries.

The 23-year-old Chilean man can be seen falling into a parking structure and then onto the car below in the surveillance video above.

The man was reportedly celebrating a soccer victory in the apartment building with his team. When the neighbors complained about the noise from the party, the group headed out to the balcony.

That's when Reyes attempted to sit on the balcony ledge, and plummeted 17 stories.

He reportedly came away with a broken leg, and broken pelvis.

He claims he didn't feel any of the pain that one should feel when falling seven stories. Of course, he had been drinking a bit before the fall, so that might have helped with the pain. The car's suspension also appears to have lessened the impact.

The man also partially credits a tattoo on his arm that reads "God Don't Abandon Me."

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