Man pleads guilty to 2 counts of attempted murder of officers

The man charged with shooting a Delaware County police officer has pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder.

Folcroft Police made the Thursday morning announcement, almost a year after Officer Christopher Dorman was shot seven times, last June.

It happened while he was responding to a call for drug activity.

Dorman, a part-time officer with just a year on the force, was dispatched to a seemingly routine call about drug activity.

Moments after responding, Dorman was shot in the face, leg, and chest. Police arrested Donte Island, a man they called a career drug dealer for the shooting. Just four days later, Dorman was released from the hospital to a hero's welcome -- followed by months visiting doctors and rehabbing with physical therapy.

Two other officers, Sgt. William Bair and Officer David DiPietro, were given commendations for valor and heroism for helping save Dorman's life.

Island, 33, was accused of shooting Dorman and firing at a second officer. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and attempted murder.

Later, FOX 29 learned Dorman did not have medical benefits through the Borough of Folcroft since he was only a part-time employee. Workers compensation insurance will help with some of his medical expenses but a GoFundMe page has been set up for Dorman to help with needs insurance will not cover.

Dorman returned to work in September.