Man proposes to girlfriend, and to her 5-year-old daughter: 'Can I be your father?'

(INSIDE EDITION) - Grant Tribbett knew that the woman of his dreams came as a package deal.

He couldn't ask for her hand in marriage without including her 5-year-old daughter in the proposal.

So when he asked Cassandra Reschar to be his wife, he bent down and asked Adrianna if he could be her dad.

"The dream of every mother is for her daughter to grow up happy," Reschar told Thursday. "She has always wanted a daddy."

The couple had met on Facebook, through mutual friends. They have been dating about seven months.

Tribbett hatched a secret plan to pop the questions.

He had Reschar's photographer friend, Mandi Gilliland, hiding in the woods, and he told Cassandra and Adrianna to get dressed up because he was taking them out to breakfast.

So they got dolled up on a recent morning, only to arrive at a Cracker Barrel, which Cassandra thought was odd.

"I was kind of taken aback that he took us to Cracker Barrel," she said. "He was just acting so strange. I knew something was up. But I was hoping that he wouldn't do anything inside (the restaurant). It was too crowded, there were too many people."

After eating, Tribbett drove them to the Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve in Fishers, Indiana. Then he led them through the trees for about a mile, with Cassandra in heels, until they came to a wooden bridge.

That's when Tribbett got down on one knee and her friend, Gilliland, popped up from her hiding place.

"I just froze," she said. "I couldn't even tell you exactly what he said."

Then he bent down again and took out another jewelry box, this one holding a heart-shaped necklace.

He asked Adrianna if he could be her father. "I was bawling by then," her mother said. "The photographer was crying."

The little girl was beside herself with glee.

"She was yelling, 'I finally get a daddy, mommy! I finally get a daddy!'''

Now she is focused on being the flower girl at the wedding, which planned for December. And she is anticipating being a big sister.

"She thinks that as soon as we get married, a baby will just appear," Cassandra said, laughing. "We're trying to tell her it might be a year or two."