‘Mare of Easttown’ creator filming new series in Delco; locals happy with recognition

Hollywood is coming back to Delco!

After the success of "Mare of Easttown," a follow-up series is in the works and crews are filming this weekend. Residents are keeping their eyes peeled for celebrity sightings and, of course, it is the talk of the town.

"Isn't this so cool!," said a little girl as an adult with her snapped a picture. It’s lights, camera and action.

"DelCo is being recognized," said Nick Kulhawik about "Task," the follow-up to the Emmy award-winning mini-series "Mare of Easttown" filming in Ridley.

Residents were excited to see Hollywood on the streets in Ridley as the series 'Task' is set to film there.

"It'll be interesting and pretty neat to see what they're going to do and what makes the cut," said Emily Miller.


"It's pretty nice. This movie will bring a lot of attention to this area. Nobody knows much about Folsom. Everybody refers to Philadelphia when they think of Pennsylvania," said Jarek McCuff.

Scenes are being filmed at Our Lady of Peace, on Morton Avenue, in Ridley, where security guards, production trucks and trailers surround the parish.

"It's wonderful for our church," said Kulhawik. He walked his two dogs past the set stopping to talk to a member of the crew. He was unable to get any inside scoop, though.

"To be quite honest, wherever I go, it's usually about the dogs," he said. The dogs did not a get a cameo today. Better luck next time.

'Task' series being filmed in Ridley Township.

It seems Hollywood does have a thing for DelCo.

"It's not the first movie that's been made right around here. "Silver Linings Playbook" was right around the corner also," said Kulhawik.

Emily Miller says her daughter, Katherine, is in a play that the Catholic Youth Organization is doing.

"Their play practice got moved tonight because they're filming inside where they would be. Yeah, but it is exciting," she said.

Their neighbor Donte was out all afternoon in awe of all the activity.

"The camera crew and stuff. The lights," he said.

Workers at the neighborhood County Savings Bank across the street were notified last week about the filming.

"So, we were waiting all morning and about 11 o'clock they rolled in. It is amazing to see what goes into something like this," said Jean Juisti.

Her co-worker, Stephanie Hall, talked to one of the teamsters.

"We've kind of been like making awkward eye contact all day (Like put me in! Put me in!) Yeah. Like me? You want me? So, he said this has been a great location for them," said Hall.

No sighting of Mark Ruffalo, said to be the lead in the mini-series and no word on whether Kate Winslet will return for the sequel.

Filming is supposed to resume around 10 o'clock Sunday night through 10 o’clock Monday night.