Marijuana laced brownies at school send teacher to hospital

HIGHLAND TWP., MI (FOX 2)- Police in Highland Township wants to know who left some pot brownies in the teacher's lounge of an elementary school.

At least one teacher got sick and was sent to the hospital at Spring Mills Elementary in Highland Township, north of M-59.

In the teacher's lounge a surprise dessert surfaced. Just after school on Tuesday a teacher at Spring Mills Elementary became ill.

At the hospital, doctors asked, "Was anything unusual about your school day?" She responded that she enjoyed a "free treat" in the teacher's lounge from a pan of brownies.

"We tested the brownie and it came back positive for marijuana, cannabis inside the brownie," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "So obviously you've got some serious charges. You're not only tampering with food, but inducing a drug to the user of that food."

It is a felony to fool with food such as adding a narcotic.

"She was hospitalized and a couple others also tasted it," Bouchard said. "They were sickened but maybe did not eat the same number of brownies. Maybe not the same amount. One was taken to the hospital."

Spring Mills Elementary in the Huron Valley school system has students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Was it a student or an adult who slipped the marijuana brownies inside the teacher's lounge?

Kate Lloyd a parent, shudders to think what could have happened.

"I'm glad a child didn't get to them," said Lloyd. "Being a parent myself, I would be afraid for my child."

So three teachers ate the funny brownies and all three felt the effects.

"I can't believe somebody did this without telling somebody else," Bouchard said. "If you know who did this, that's the kind of information we need so that person doesn't do it again."

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