Massive alligator shows up at front door of Manatee County home

A slightly clumsy alligator gave one Manatee County homeowner a bit of a shock when he checked his doorbell footage.

The Parrish resident said he watched the video, only to see the giant alligator initially bump into an Adirondack chair on his porch around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.

That seemed to startle the gator, which appeared to freeze in place for nearly two minutes before continuing forward to the front doorway, where it then bumped its nose into the window by the door.

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It slowly circled around and walked back out by the front of the man's home -- but soon came back for one more check of the front door. It once again bumped into the chair, this time as it headed back out to the street.

It's not the first time the homeowner has seen an alligator approach his home. Last year, he said a baby gator wandered onto his property.

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