Mayor Kenney calls for patience in open letter to Philadelphia voters

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has penned an open letter to the city's voters, asking them to remain patient on Election Day.

Kenney and City Commissioner Lisa Deeley sent out the letter reinforcing four principles they say will guide the city through the election – fairness, integrity, access, and accurate results.

"Amid all the speeches and slogans, the tweets and talk shows, the rallies and rhetoric, the election in Philadelphia really comes down to some very simple concepts: fairness, integrity, access, and accurate results," the letter begins. "We are writing to ask that as you prepare for tomorrow’s election, remember those four principles. They are not empty words or phrases. They are the core of what we are trying to accomplish."

While highlighting fairness, the mayor encouraged members of the public to report possible criminal attempts to interfere with or influence voting and election activity to call the District Attorney's Office. 

The fifth principle highlighted by Kenney in the letter was patience. The mayor says voters will need to hold onto the patience they've had leading up to election day even after their votes are cast, as it will take time for poll workers to count the record amount of mail-in ballots that they cannot begin counting until Tuesday morning.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Keney (Samantha Madera/City of Philadelphia)

Kenney says getting a tally of mail-in ballots will "easily" take several days, and stressed that it could determine the outcome in the city, and commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

"We expect long lines at the polls. Not only will turnout be strong, but the importance of the choices on the ballot means that everyone will be taking their time before locking in their vote. And the lines will seem even longer because of the need for everyone to stay six feet apart," the letter continues. "So on Election Day, please be patient—the people working your voting station and waiting with you are your neighbors. They are doing their best. And remember that so long as you are in line by the time the polls close at 8 p.m., you will be able to vote."

You can read the full letter, here.


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