Medford woman reunited with lost pet turkey

A Medford, New Jersey woman has been reunited with her pet turkey after the fowl had not been seen in nearly three days.

Lindsay Condefer says her 40 pound Bronze Standard named Brady disappeared from her farm Saturday, after waddling over to a neighbor's pool party.

"Maybe he had a little too much fun and he's still at the party. But then by Sunday morning it was 'Okay, all jokes aside, where is our boy?'" Condefer said.

Brady, named after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, is fully domesticated and Lindsay figured he might find refuge at a home during his wayward travels.

"He is more apt to actually go to somebody's front door and knock on the door," Condefer said.

When Condefer realized that her precious family turkey was lost, she posted about his disappearance on Facebook. She was overwhelmed by the supportive response. 

By Tuesday afternoon a neighbor called Lindsay with both good news and bad news. Brady had been found and corralled, but the bird was missing most of his tail feathers, a damaged wing, and an infected injury.

Lindsay raced Brady to the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital for treatment and anxiously awaited news.

"He definitely had a rough three days and I am really proud of him for hanging on and waiting for us to get him," Condefer said.

As of Tuesday night, Brady is still being closely monitored by vets who are weighing the possibility of surgery for the bird.