Medical marijuana dispensary set to open in Sellersville

The first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open in Southeast Pennsylvania.

"Today is a new day. It really is a new day in Pennsylvania."

The TerraVida Holistic Center looks more like a spa that sits in the center of town right on Main Street next to the firehouse. Th nondescript building is one of 10 new medical marijuana dispensaries opening this week around the state. For many it's a big learning curve.

"We have a lot of people especially older people who are nervous who know that they need it," TerraVida owner Chris Visco said. "Their doctors told them they need it, their kids tell them and they don't know what they are walking into--they think this is a head shop."

Dispensaries can't sell raw marijuana rather products ranging from cannabis lotions and tablets to help with inflammation to spray tinctures to help you sleep. Patients must suffer from one of 17 qualifying medical conditions and have their state medical marijuana card.

"I've experienced the dark path of opioids and I never want to go down that path again," former Philadelphia Flyers player Riley Cote said.

Former Philadelphia defenseman and enforcer Flyer Riley Cote says marijuana helped him kick opiods. after years abuse to his body from countless NHL fights he now turns to cannabis.

"Once you understand it--once you give it a try and understand dosing--I mean this is an ultimate tool and it is a tool and has to be treated with respect," Cote said.

It's also a new respect from doctors.

"It's been found to be helpful in a lot of situations"

Steven Leskowitz, a Montgomery County gastroenterologist, says after talking with patients he is now a believer

"There is a wide spectrum of people that this is going to be helpful for and I think probably if there are more doctors to certify patients it's only going to be better for everybody."