Meek Mill spreads holiday cheer by providing gifts to Philadelphia families

(TMZ)  Meek Mill and the DreamChasers crew are spreading holiday cheer in Philadelphia by delivering gifts to families "impacted by the criminal justice system," TMZ reported.

On Tuesday, the kids at the Morse household got a big surprise from Meek himself while they opened their gifts, which included an Xbox Series X, Puma clothing, iPads, Meek FaceTimed with the family. 

While the kids were tongue-tied, their dad, Anthony Morse, had plenty to say to Meek. Anthony, who fosters five kids in addition to raising his own, got choked up as he expressed his gratitude.

"It’s been a tough year for all of us, but through all the ups and downs, I’ll always do my part to support and give back to the Philly community that raised me," Meek told TMZ.  "I remember not having much growing up, so it’s important to use my platform to give back, especially to the families trying to provide for their kids while also dealing with the criminal justice system."

Meek also made a separate $30,000 donation to the Philadelphia chapter of Twelve Days of Christmas, a volunteer organization that aims to equip families in need with supplies to enjoy the holidays.

The contribution will be used to purchase gifts for 30 families in North Philadelphia hailing from James G. Blaine Elementary School – his old school – as well as William D. Kelley School and Paul Robeson High School.

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