Meet Pedals, the Bear Who Walks Upright After Injuring His Front Paws

OAK RIDGE, NJ (INSIDE EDITION)- A bear that walks on two legs has become a famous sight in a New Jersey town.

He's such a familiar sight that some neighbors aren't even fazed as the bear strolls by.

Residents in the town of Oak Ridge have named the black bear "Pedals," from the word, "bipedal," meaning he walks upright on two legs.

In one video, Pedals peeks inside a garbage bin for food - but isn't impressed and keeps on strolling.

A neighbor said local authorities aren't fazed. "They say as long as he's not aggressive, let him be," said the neighbor.

So how does Pedals walk like a human? Sadly, he's suffered serious injuries to his front legs.

"This poor guy" said one observer.

One of his paws is missing entirely, and the other one dangles uselessly. He shields one paw when he does go down on four legs.

Some residents have been trying to persuade officials to try to catch Pedals so they can treat his injuries. They've even started a Facebook page, called "Help Save Pedals," and launched a GoFund Me page to get him medical attention.

Sabrina Pugsley shot video of Pedals in her backyard. "It broke my heart to see him in person," she said.

David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation is not surprised that Pedals has adapted so well. "Black bears are incredibly adaptable animals. The will to survive is really strong," he told INSIDE EDITION.