Meeting held on response to gun incident at elementary school

Darby Borough police say they have arrested a man who brought a gun and drugs into Park Lane Elementary School. Now, parents and the community are demanding answers.

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"Nobody's doing nothing about it. Like nothing," said a frustrated and emotional mother as she stood before community members gathered at Darby Borough Hall Wednesday evening moved to tears.

"My son he's scared to go to school and I'm scared for him to go to school," said Sierra Morton. Her 11-year old son is in the 5th grade at Park Lane Elementary School and she says he has Attention Deficit Disorder. She's constantly worried about him and now this.

"I expect him to be in good hands when he goes to school. Not hearing on the news that there's an armed dangerous man with a gun and drugs on him in my son's school," said Morton.

State Senator Anthony Williams and fellow members of the Delaware County Black Caucus called Wednesday's meeting.

"We are not here to say to any person that they should be fired or released but we are going to be very clear there needs to be retraining," said Senator Williams. They're calling for an immediate response from the William Penn School District to the January 4th incident at Park Lane Elementary school.

"There is a concern within the black community that existing protocols, school safety support systems and district policy for staff and students are currently insufficient," said Bonnee Breese Bentum with the DE County Black Caucus.

21-year old Nazher Sabree was arrested outside the school Friday with a loaded handgun and drugs.

He'd already been inside. The principal never pushed the school's emergency county-wide police response button. Earlier school security noticed him outside without a shirt and acting strangely but didn't call police either.

"We clearly want to underscore the fact that all children in America are equal regardless of where they come from and these babies are as important as anybody else," said Senator Williams.