Melissa McCarthy as Easter Bunny pans Sean Spicer on SNL

This week, Melissa McCarthy returned to "Saturday Night Live," portraying White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer dressed as the Easter Bunny.

McCarthy's Spicer came to the podium, took off his bunny "head" and shooed-away several children hunting Easter eggs.

He told the press corps that they finally "got what [they] wanted" because "Spicy finally made a mistake," by saying that Hitler never used chemical weapons.

Appearing to dig himself a bigger hole throughout the segment, at one point Spicer joked about the German Jews arriving at "concentration clubs" on trains.

FOX News can show you that skit, along with Alec Baldwin returning as President Trump presiding over a "Batchelor"-style elimination of one of his top advisers.

As there is always a little truth in comedy, about ten years ago, Spicer was working in the office of the U.S. Trade Representative and he really did dress up as the Easter Bunny at the White House, for President George Bush!