Memorial Day weekend weather causes big headache at Philadelphia International Airport

The rainy Memorial Day weekend weather is causing a big headache at Philadelphia International Airport as holiday travelers deal with hundreds of delays in and out of Philly with a handful of cancelations.

FOX 29’s Jennifer Joyce went to PHL to get the scoop on the chaos. 

It was a long holiday weekend made longer by flight delay after flight delay.

"I've never been so glad to be in Philadelphia," said Egypt Bracy, Northeast Philly.

As Monday went on, the number of delays  inbound and outbound increased.

"We were supposed to get on the flight around 11:15 a.m. and ended up getting on there around 2:30 p.m.," said Colun Reda, Doylestown.

"We had to wait in the plane for like 40 mins before we knew next steps," said Kayla Reda, Doylestown.

Philadelphia International airport posted about the delays on X and explained weather conditions were to blame, but that wasn’t the case for all.

"We got on the plane they started having issues with the plane…supposed to leave 12:47 p.m. didn't leave for an hour later," said Lynshy Henry, Willingboro, NJ. 

Susan Polinsky of Newtown, Bucks County says their flight delay from Atlanta to Philly was storm related.

"And then we got here and just got a text on my phone that bags were lost," said Polinsky.

As it turns out, the bags were found and  they boarded a later flight which was also delayed. The Polinskys are patiently waiting for their luggage to arrive.

The Polinsky family took it all in stride and like most travelers we talked to, their mood was surprisingly pleasant but their energy level… low. 

Which the Henry family from Willingboro can definitely relate to as they experienced round trip flight delays this weekend.

"I just wanna go to sleep. It was draining…we going to Florida in a couple months and I hope we don't have the same experience," said Lynshy Henry.