Memory Quilt Honoring Son Stolen Off Front Porch

EDISON, NJ (WTXF) A memory quilt made by a grieving mother to remember her dead son was stolen off the family's front porch in New Jersey.

Now, the family is urging the person to bring back their memories.

After losing her son, Robert, a year ago, Karen Delmonaco has been finding ways to cope with her grief. According to reports, Robert was serving in the Army as a 2nd lieutenant with Alpha Troop 1-102nd Cavalry N.J. Army National Guard when he died in October 2014. He was only 21 years old at the time of his death.

To remember the honor student and graduate of Valley Forge Military College, Karen put together some of her son's favorite T-shirts and sent them off to be stitched together as a memory quilt.

The finished product was expected to arrive at the Demonaco family home last week.

But before the family could bring it inside, a thief walked up to their front porch and stole it, leaving the Delmonaco's heartbroken.

"We can't replace that, that's just something that I would really like my children to have," Delmonaco says. "You know it's something that you can just keep in one place and just have different memories from each shirt when you look at them, and hopefully you know, have good memories."

The family says they hope the thief will realize how important the memory quilt is to them and return it.

"I just want them back. That's all we have. Memories and some of his things," Karen Delmonaco explains.

A reward is being offered to get the package back.