Men caught on surveillance video allegedly stealing from North Philly youth center NOMO, CEO says

Two men were caught on surveillance video stealing from North Philly youth center NOMO, according to the CEO.

"He came in right here," said Rickey Duncan. A security system in the building of youth center NOMO, which stands for New Options More Opportunities on Broad Street in North Philly, details a robbery that went undetected for two days.  

"The guy actually came in twice and brought somebody with him the second time," said Duncan. He’s the CEO of NOMO and says the man captured in the video broke in around 2 a.m. Thursday morning to begin taking things and then returned with a second man early Friday morning.  

"We came in today to prepare for our orientation for our free summer camp and when we got in here today we noticed that the computers were missing," said Duncan. He says the laptops were gone from a charging table on the first floor.  

"For the kids to come in to upload their resumes or they may just be on the computers or doing homework," he said. Duncan says the video shows the suspects leaving with more stuff. 

"A TV was taken off the wall downstairs inside of the kid’s studio room. Some studio equipment we just got was taken. Some sewing machines and some cameras out of the media room," he said. All things used for various programs for young people who come here every day.  

"Everything they took is the reason why we use the stuff we use for the youth. So they don't be those people. So they don't find themselves subjected to a life of crime," said Duncan who also says the suspects got in through a next door apartment building and broke a lock to his building. 

He adds the video captured them loading a get-a-way car.  

"We're giving to the community so why take from us?" he said. 

Police say Central Detectives Division is investigating the burglary and they are in the process of obtaining the surveillance video to review. 



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