Mentally disabled man allegedly abused

A caregiver says a man has been enduring sheer terror for months. According to the victim's caregiver, the man is mentally disabled and the torture he has survived is hard to wrap your mind around.

It was early April in rural Haycock Township, Bucks County, when State police say a resident called with the stunning news. A mentally disabled man was on the 600 block of Apple complaining he'd been beaten and abused for months. State Police in Dublin confirm an investigation is underway.

FOX 29 obtained pictures which Lyles says depict the abuse the 39-year-old man endured. According to Lyles, the victim was allegedly beaten with a hammer on his back, repeatedly shot with a BB gun and has the word "enter" tattooed in the buttocks area.

State police confirm the man was taken to the hospital when they saw his injuries. They've interviewed him and his alleged attacker who lives on Apple not far from where the alleged victim was found. Lyles says his cauliflower ears, smashed fingers and swelling over an eye are further proof of the abuse.