Meteorologists see very snowy winter for Delaware Valley

Will it be a snowy winter? The 2023 Farmer's Almanac says yes.

FOX 29 looked into the science behind their prediction, and if current global trends continue, Philadelphia will have a snowier than usual winter.

Forecasters use global cues, called teleconnections, to make long-term forecasts.

Right now, meteorologists have their eye on Pacific Ocean temperatures off the coast of South America.

Water there is much warmer than usual. This atypical temperature actually affects the weather in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey because it shifts the location of our jet stream.

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Lately, the jet stream has been over our region a lot. This brings in more rain and storms than usual, and it keeps highs closer to average.

This is the reason we've had 60 percent fewer days in the 90s this summer. Looking at the stats, we've had 14 days in the 90s this year. By this time in August last year, we were at 35 days. On average, we get 30 days in the 90s each year.

If the ocean water off the Pacific continues to stay this warm into winter, it sets us up for more snow this year.

The jet stream would be in a pattern that whisks storms over our region, and it would help keep Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey cooler than average.

To figure out how much snow this set up brings us, we looked back at recent winters that also had a summer with an abnormally warm Pacific Ocean.

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1996 blizzard

Those winters brought Philadelphia 25 to 30 inches of snow.

When we actually get snow (Philadelphia got only 0.3 inches last winter), the average amount is around 23 inches.

So, if the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America continues to stay this warm, Philadelphia stands to see above average snowfall this winter.