Mike Jerrick on the messages you sent before his return, and what he missed on Good Day Philadephia

So many of you have been asking about Good Day Philadelphia's Mike Jerrick for the past six weeks he has been away.

Finally, and we mean finally, Mike is back!

Tuesday, Mike mentioned how overwhelmed he is by so many cards sent to the station during his absence. Good Day also showed some of the thousands of social media messages from you -- the viewers -- and gave Mike a look at what he missed over the past six weeks.

A month ago, Mike opened up and posted to his Facebook followers that he had some personal matters to get past, and thanked everyone for their concern about his well-being and the well-being of his family.

Monday, on his return to Good Day Philadelphia, Mike explained he'd been at a place called Silver Ridge in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains to get over some issues, such as depression.

Tuesday on The Q, he told the audience details of when it started: losing his mother way back in 2004. From there, he took everyone step by step of his journey until about a year and a half ago, when he realized he had to do something.

He learned his openness in that Facebook post helped many people who sent messages to FOX 29, asking for him, since they were directed to his Facebook page. Many others are getting the help they need, or coming to terms with needing the help.

Now, as he put it, he's "ready to go!" -- just like the Phillies.

Mike, thank you for your lesson and of course, we wish you all the best!

And now that you're home and back working, you can have your cell phone back.